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Selection of scale mesh curtain pattern and stripe


Selection of scale mesh curtain pattern and stripe:

At present, most of the fabrics that can be used as scale mesh curtain have patterns and patterns. Generally speaking, the fabrics used as scale mesh curtain should have clear texture, smooth lines, beautiful and generous patterns, and the patterns should be delicate and fine, and the patterns should be moderate. It's better not to choose stiff patterns, lack of aesthetic feeling or colorful cloth, which will increase the clutter of the room. The size of the pattern should match the size of the room, and some scale mesh curtain with large pattern are only suitable for spacious rooms. If the window is low, the fabric with horizontal line pattern should not be selected; if the window is high and narrow, the fabric with horizontal line pattern should be selected, but the stripes should not be too dense. Small window if use big flower pattern, will make it appear smaller, should choose light color pattern and pattern of fine fabric curtain.

In addition, curtain cloth should not be selected with oblique pattern, otherwise it will give people the feeling of inclined window. If a house has several windows, the fabric with the same color, pattern or pattern should be selected.




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