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Scale mesh curtain shows different effects


Scale mesh curtain can be widely used in space division, wall decoration, screens, shop windows, etc. it is an ideal material for hotel interior decoration. The scale mesh curtain we often see uses the most popular bronze color to create a retro or gorgeous feeling. Although this common effect is OK, it's not amazing enough. Let's introduce the different effects that scale mesh curtain can show. Let's have a look!

1. Room partition

The scale mesh curtain, which is used to separate tables, echoes with the dreamlike lighting of cold metal, making the whole atmosphere full of Nostalgic Culture and high-end fashion. Several black spots on the scale mesh curtain are perfectly assembled together, so that we can see the "arrow" symbol hidden on the scale mesh curtain, and the perfect combination of the black line on the black pendant and the black line on the leather sofa.

2. Ceiling


Scale mesh curtain is looming, and the three-dimensional decoration formed by red brick and ceiling can better show the elegant, transparent, simple and generous visual effect. Sometimes, such scale mesh curtain is overbearing. There is always a trace of unpredictable mystery, but the strong contrast makes it different from any decoration, interpreting the elegant and luxurious modern space.

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