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Features of ring mesh curtain


Ring mesh curtain has good drapability and can be folded and pleated like ring mesh curtain. Ring mesh curtain not only has the unique luster and texture of ring silk, but also has the flexibility of fabric ring mesh curtain. Let's learn about the characteristics of ring mesh curtain!

Features of ring mesh curtain:

(1) Ring mesh curtain has a variety of colors and specifications, ring mesh curtain and accessories ring color can be combined into a variety of ring colors, will not cause visual confusion, can meet the requirements of home decoration and people's aesthetic needs.

(2) The surface color of ring mesh curtain adopts lead-free coating, which is light resistant and can prevent ultraviolet radiation.

 (3) Ring mesh curtain uses high reflectivity aluminum blades, which can reflect most of the sunlight heat, which is helpful for the cooling and heating of indoor air conditioning.



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